The Magical Powder

The Magical Powder is a teaching story which I was told in 1984, as described at the following link, where I told the story of the circumstances in which I was first told the story, and told the story. A Story About sustainable History-

In true Arabian Nights style, this story is recursive, like nested Chinese boxes. When I was told it, I recognised myself in the "hero" of the story, but it can also be read as the story of Western Civilisation since about the year 1500 CE, and its relationship to more ancient cultures.

I wonder whether we could tell this story, perhaps in a theatrical form, at one of the events? It could be used to open up the theme of the relationship of Western culture to others, and how this might unfold in the future.

What would the Magical Powder consist of, that would disappear "the old hag" in the story?

Let me know your thoughts on this, please.